April 16, 2024

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Four Ways to Prepare for Your Ottawa Divorce

Divorce is usually a long, drawn-out process that can be highly emotional. There are many factors to take into account. Because of this, it is vital for every spouse to prepare for their divorce. There are things they have to take care of to make sure their divorce goes smoothly. These include the following:

Being Sure About Getting a Divorce

Deciding to let go of your marriage is an emotional decision to make that must not be made in a rush. Such a decision will impact you forever. Before you make your final decision, exhaust all hopes of reconciliation. Once the divorce papers reach the hands of your spouse, it will be hard to go back on your decision. Keep in mind that divorce in Ottawa can be granted even if only one spouse wants it, as long as the breakdown of the marriage can be proven. You can learn more here

Plan for Your Children

If you and your spouse share children, you must have a plan in place to make sure they are well taken care of during the divorce. You should look into how child custody works in Ottawa. You want to ensure your children are provided the same level of attention as before. You and your spouse should try to create an agreement that provides both of you with time with the kids. Once you have set mutual goals for child custody, you will have one less thing to worry about during the divorce. 

Save Up

Divorce can be expensive. Even if you end up with an uncontested divorce, there are still court fees to pay for filing the paperwork. Also, there are costs associated with going to court and expenses related to setting up a new household. If you hire a divorce lawyer, their fees should also be considered. While you deal with the daily specifics of the divorce, you might not be able to pay attention to the expenses. So, set money aside before you file for divorce to offset unexpected charges. 

Collect Financial Records

Property division is a huge part of your divorce settlement. The court will divide all assets gained during the marriage equally between you and your spouse. Also, property division can significantly influence your financial future and you must disclose your assets and debts. Thus, it can help to start preparing financial records before you file for divorce. These records include proof of income, all accounts in your name, a debt catalogue, and any significant assets such as homes, cars, real estate, furniture, boats, and others.