April 16, 2024

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Need an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer? Here’s What You Need to Know

Driving has become the primary mode of transportation in many areas, and this increases your risk of being involved in an accident of some kind. Even if you’re driving safely, other drivers may not be, which could cause serious injury or even death to yourself or others on the road. If you are injured due to someone else’s negligent actions while driving, you may need to seek legal assistance from an Atlanta car accident lawyer to help you with getting compensation for your medical bills and injuries. Keep reading for more information on what to expect from such lawyers and how to go about finding one if you need one.

An Introduction to Car Accidents

A car accident is when two cars collide with each other. This can happen for a number of reasons, including but not limited to speeding, driving under the influence, distracted driving, and weather conditions. If you’ve been in a car accident, you may be feeling a range of emotions, from shock to anger to confusion. And you may be wondering what steps you need to take next.

How Much Does it Cost to Sue Someone in Small Claims Court?

The cost of suing someone in a small claims court varies from state to state. In most states, the filing fee is between $30 and $50. In addition, you may have to pay a service fee if you have the sheriff serve the papers on the other party. If you win your case, the court may order the other party to pay your filing fee and service fee. If you lose, you will probably have to pay your own fees.

What Kinds of Damages Are Recoverable in a Small Claims Suit Over a Vehicle Collision?

If you’ve been in a car accident in Atlanta, you may be wondering what kind of damages you can recover in a small claims suit. In general, damages that are recoverable include medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages. 

However, there are some exceptions. For example, pain and suffering are not typically recoverable in a small claims suit.


Hiring a car accident lawyer is an important decision after you’ve been in a wreck. Not only can a good lawyer help you get the compensation you deserve, but they can also provide peace of mind during a difficult time. If you’re considering hiring an attorney, make sure to do your research and ask plenty of questions. With the right representation, you can focus on healing while your lawyer takes care of the rest.