October 1, 2023

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What Are Some Important Contract Documents For Construction

Contract management is the complex process from invitation to completion of the project and finally handing it over to its owner. The goal of the contract is to complete the process within time and give the client the value of their investment. For such complicated work, both parties need to enter into a written contract to eliminate the risk of conflict in the future. Construction contracts of Attorney Atlanta Legal Help document deal with responsibilities, roles, additional conditions, procedures, etc. It contains complete information about the project from the start to the end.

Contract documents of Construction Real Estate Litigations Attorney Atlanta, GA, have both graphic and written details of the project. Let’s discuss the standard documents that documents should include in the construction contract.

Risk Insurance

As per Business Attorney Atlanta, GA, risk insurance is one of the essential contract documents in the construction contract. It ensures that all the equipment and workforce belonging to the construction work have been insured, and in case of any loss and damages, it will be transferred to third parties.


Construction contract drawing contains the detail of structural engineering drawing, architecture design, and the building services engineering design. All such pictures contain detailed information about size, location, structure, shape, dimension, and other elements such as electrical, structural components, plumbing installations, etc.


Quantity Management Plan

Attorney Atlanta Legal Help deals with all quality-related procedures and activities. In every construction plan, the benchmark is standardized, and the contractor must have to attend to such measures. It contains a requirement, gives information, provides guidelines, and all the structured plans to be followed for implementing the construction quality management plan.

Work Schedule

Pre-deciding work schedule is critical; otherwise, the completion of the project will not do at the proper time. This schedule is very significant for both parties, and it isn’t easy to achieve the pre-decided goal with the right plan. A project schedule contains the details of the project’s starting date, targeted completion date, delivery date, duration required to complete the project, and much other essential information.

All the tasks to be performed for the execution of the project are listed under, and all the works are broken down into structural levels such as mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, etc. A work schedule is made by using project scheduling techniques.

Project Health And Safety Plans

Health and safety of the workforce are significantly to consider when you come into a written contract with the contractor. This plan focuses on the health and safety of the crew included in the contract document. All the persons performing their tasks in construction and those who visit the site are included in this project and safety plan.

This document also enlisted for not including any toxic material that harms the environment and controlling the use of it that might create a harmful impact on the lives of workers. In the appendix of the contract document, this point is enlisted.


Technical Specification

Technical specification contains the equipment, staffing, and material needed for performing the task. The technical specification describes mainly the end product the contractor has to deliver to its clients. Hence it’s the client’s responsibility to clearly define the task the contractor has to perform before tendering the project. Every job that has to be completed and the limit of acceptable deviation should also be included in the contract.

Bill Of Quantity

A bill of excess isn’t compulsory to include in the contract, but it’s beneficial for eliminating the risk of dispute in the future. An account of quantity consists of the detail of the amount required of materials, labor, tools, machines, equipment needed to perform the construction task. Its purpose is to estimate costs associated with material, work, and other items accurately. This bill is mainly prepared by building estimators using special techniques.

General Condition

General condition contains details of available items such as mobilization, utilities, overhead cost, bonus, organization structure, demobilization, etc. The Construction Real Estate Litigations Attorney Atlanta, GA, says all the above items cannot be related to construction activities.

Exceptional Condition

Particular condition is an amendment to a general condition. In it, the project’s requirement is mentioned, and it contains the detail of individual and whole tasks that must be performed.

Final Words

For the successful accomplishment of the project, the contract document is essential. It contains all the responsibilities and duties of both parties. Through the written contraction, you can eliminate future conflict. The papers have different forms like charts, drawings, and written specifications. The main objective of this document is to solve potential problems that might arise in the future.