April 16, 2024

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Riding At Risk: Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The motorcycle ride is amazing for those who love to enjoy the sense of freedom while travelling. It is comfortable and safe to drive if you follow all the safety norms. But unfortunately, the number of motorcycle accidents is increasing, and it poses a matter of concern. 

If you are unaware of the common causes of motorcycle accidents, in this article, we will study in detail the grounds of the top 5 common motorcycle accidents. So, let’s begin our discussion about the causes and also how some small negligence can lead to huge mishaps. 

What are the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents? 

  • Distracted Driving: Driving requires your complete attention, and when there is a lack of focus, it can lead to some mishaps. Suppose the driver is distracted by texting, talking on the phone, eating, and other activities while driving the motor vehicle. In that case, they may not see the other motorcycle leading to an accident. 
  • Left-turn Collisions: It is very unfortunate with motorcycle accidents that the intensity of accidents is serious. Left turn collisions are when a car or truck makes a left turn in front of the oncoming motorcycle. It is mainly because the car driver misjudges the oncoming motorcycle and its speed. 
  • Lane changes: If there is a sudden lane change without warning, it can create problems. There is another reason which states that motorcycles are lost in blind spots. If the driver changes the lane without checking thoroughly, you may collide with a motorcyclist riding in the adjacent lane. 
  • Over Speeding: Maintaining a proper speed is important while driving, and if you overspeed your motorcycle, you lose your control. Excessive speed reduces the motorcyclist’s judgement and reaction time. Therefore, this poses a threat to the motorcyclist who lacks the protection of an enclosed vehicle. 
  • Poor Roads: Roads and their conditions should be in favour of drivers because if there are potholes and irregular roads, it will not be suitable for drivers. Some examples of poor roads are uneven road surfaces, debris, potholes, gravel, and wet and slippery roads. These road conditions can pose significant hazards for motorcyclists. 
  • Inexperienced driving: If the driver is not experienced, they may lack the skills to judge the distance and speed and also lose control of their bikes. They might not be able to handle challenging traffic situations and adverse road conditions, which increases the risk of accidents. 
  • Reckless Driving: If there is reckless behaviour in driving, you might lose control, and therefore, you must ensure that you drive slowly and avoid aggressive driving. Therefore, these are certain common causes of motorcycle accidents which you must avoid to have safe driving.