October 1, 2023

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How Dangerous Can Be Cruise Control In Cars?

Many people state that cruise controls can cause drivers to become complacent and not stay alert to the road. Other people may argue that it is a safe way to drive and can even help you pay attention to the road.

Some drivers do not use cruise control properly which in turn increases the risk of danger on roads. When the danger increases, so will the personal injury. If you are injured in a car accident in Kent, you should contact a lawyer first. 

How dangerous can be cruise control in cars?

Cruise control is a feature in a car that lets the driver set a speed and maintain it without keeping their foot on the accelerator pedal. Some drivers may find that driving with cruise control makes the process a bit easier. But it can be dangerous when coupled with other actors like distracted driving. For example, every motorist should stay fully engaged with the road and keep their hands on steering and foot on brakes.

Other motorists find changes in the speed limit, which causes the vehicle to slow or fast adjust to the roadway conditions. 

Cruise control is a helpful feature when used correctly. It is useful, especially on long drives. Cruise driving is not inherently dangerous but it requires extra care and attention to ensure that the driver stays engaged with the roadway.

When should you not use cruise control?

  • Wet and slippery roads

Driving with cruise control in bad weather can be risky because maintaining the same speed in bad weather can potentially cause your tires to skid, resulting in loss of control. 

  • High traffic areas

Similar problems can arise in high-traffic areas where drivers have to constantly change their speeds low and fast. Cruise control is not suited for slow driving, therefore it is not recommended to drive in slow-moving traffic. 

  • Hilly areas and winding roads

When driving in bends and curves of mountains or hilly areas, you have to slow down and adjust your brake to turn your car safely. You will also have to slow down your vehicle when moving downhill. Cruise control prevents you from having quick control of the vehicle’s speed, which can be hazardous on winding roads

Before using the cruise control, ensure that the roadway conditions are safe to use so that you can avoid any accidents. Some people feel like cruise control is autopilot and can leave them free to do what they like. This is not true, as lack of attention can cause severe accidents even in cruise mode.