April 16, 2024

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Understanding Child Injury Lawsuits: Get A Lawyer!

Because children are innocent and naïve, they often become unintentional victims of accidents. If your child suffered injuries because of someone’s mistake or negligence, you need to take legal action as a parent. Understandably, your immediate concern is to care for your child and ensure that they get medical attention, but it also matters that you talk to an experienced attorney about filing a personal injury lawsuit. While you can learn more about your unique circumstances from the attorney, here are some pointers that may come in handy. 

Finding the liable parties

Accidents involving children often happen in common places, such as daycare centers, nurseries, schools, and school buses. Injury lawsuits involving infants and pediatric care units are also not that uncommon. Sometimes, your babysitter could have done something to your child when you were not around, or your child may have suffered injuries at a summer camp, where they were left unattended. If your child was supposed to be cared for by someone and that party didn’t adhere to that duty of care, you could sue them. 

Types of damages

Because of their age, children often suffer serious consequences from minor accidents. An unfortunate mishap can cause unprecedented emotional damage to the child, besides the obvious initial injuries. The compensation will help cover the cost of their medical treatments and rehabilitative care, as needed. If the injury is serious and likely to impact your child’s ability to work and have a normal life after they grow up, you can also claim damages for potential income. Your lawyer can help you determine the kind of compensation you can get, depending on the nature of the injuries and the age of your child. 

Get an attorney

Injury lawsuits involving children and minors often tend to be complicated. Remember that you need to present proof that the other side acted in a negligent manner and refused to do the right thing. As such, it’s important to have a watertight case, and an attorney can help with all that. PI lawsuits don’t typically go to trial, but if that becomes necessary, your lawyer can represent your side. You can, in turn, use the time to care for your child and offer them the comfort they need. Having an attorney also helps reduce your paperwork hassles, and since lawyers take such lawsuits without an upfront fee, you don’t have to worry about the financial aspects either. 

Call an attorney now and get a quick review of your case.