October 1, 2023

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Starting a veterinary practice in San Diego: Things to know

As a veterinarian, you want to provide the best possible medical care to animals. The demand for veterinarians in San Diego is on the rise, and it is just the right time to start your own clinic. The job doesn’t only pay well, but owning a practice allows you to introduce more services and enjoy unparalleled satisfaction from the profession. Before starting a practice, you must consider all possible aspects, including regulatory compliance. For that, it is best to engage a San Diego Veterinary Attorney. Below is an overview of how an attorney can help.  

The need for a veterinary attorney

While it is not hard to find healthcare attorneys in Southern California, not many have the expertise in veterinary law. The first step is about finding a lawyer who has practical experience in helping veterinary practices. Your lawyer can help you right from the first step, where you decide the type of clinic you want to have. While standard clinics are always in demand, more pet owners are looking for mobile clinics. Once you have the basic knowledge, work with your attorney to create a business plan.

Dealing with compliance

Veterinarians are expected to keep up with the regulations set by the California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act, and that can be overwhelming to understand. Once you hire a veterinary attorney, they will take care of the compliance aspects and ensure that you have advice on corporate policies, protecting intellectual property, and valid contracts.

Help with employment & staffing

No matter the type of clinic you own, you must keep up with federal and state regulations when it comes to employment law. The employer-employee relationship is a tricky one, and each time you sign a contract, you have to ensure that the interests of your practice are protected. A veterinary attorney can ensure that all relevant laws are followed, besides helping negotiate employment contracts. They can also help discuss and draft non-disclosure agreements and internal policies.

Buying or selling a veterinary practice

Buying an existing veterinary practice that has a stable customer base is a wise idea. However, there are many things to consider before you can shake hands. Experienced veterinary attorneys know what it takes to evaluate the worth of a practice and will look into documents and papers so that future disputes can be avoided.

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