February 25, 2024

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Reasons to hire a Lehi family law attorney

Getting divorced is more than just filing a few papers. Utah allows divorces both on no-fault and fault-based grounds, and yet, couples often end up in ugly legal battles with no relief in sight. If you intend to end your marriage, you need to consult a Lehi family law attorney to understand the various aspects of the case. In this post, we are sharing some circumstances when lawyering up is a good idea. 

  1. Yours is a high-net-worth divorce. If you and your spouse have a huge estate or too many assets together, you are likely to face challenges as the divorce progresses. Things can be even more complicated when spouses have pre-marital assets or have acquired estates or gifts from their families. Talk to an attorney to know how you can work to protect your interests. 
  2. You are fighting for your child. Child custody is often one of the major points of contention for divorcing parents, and if you and your spouse leave everything to court, the outcome could be vastly different than what you wanted. Get an attorney on your side to ensure that your child’s interests are protected. 
  3. You don’t know much about family law. If you think you don’t understand much about family law, you are not alone. Because the laws are complicated and hard to evaluate, people often make mistakes while filing divorce papers or coming up with a parenting plan. Your best bet is to hire a lawyer who specializes in family law. 
  4. You need a restraining order. If your spouse is someone who has been abusive in the past or is likely to threaten or abuse you in the future, you may want to get a restraining order, also called a protective order. Your attorney can help you get that and offer advice on your legal options. 
  5. You want alimony. Utah courts consider many factors, including spouses’ incomes, the quality of life during the marriage, and the duration of the marriage, to determine alimony. Either party can ask for alimony, and if you think you need spousal support, you should have a lawyer on your side to represent your side. 

Most family attorneys in Utah charge an hourly rate, and you can ask for a ballpark in advance. Just make sure that you don’t delay seeking legal help because you have limited time to take action and ensure that your spouse doesn’t take the lead.